Don’t let your ride be affected by poor nutrition. We have all the energy bars, protein and recovery packs to keep you going. All you have to focus on is pedalling!


During exercise, not only does your body lose water but also important electrolytes which your body needs to keep moving and stay hydrated. Our hydration drinks are purposefully designed to replace missing electrolytes and keep you hydrated so you can be at your best for longer.

26% further

(at the same speed)

5 min 45 sec faster
in a 40 mile time trial

15% More Power

HIGH5 Nutrition Guides have been designed with you in mind. With the one aim of helping you to enjoy your sport more, we share with you the ‘what to use’ and ‘when to use’ it so you can be fully prepared and ready to give it your all!

With the latest scientific knowledge and input from thousands of athletes in our HIGH5 community, we have developed numerous easy to follow, step-by-step nutrition guides for each sport, race distance, race day weather and athlete body-weight.

Our tried and tested guides have been essential in the preparation of many athletes challenges so pick your sport and see how our products can assist you and make your challenge a little less challenging.